IP Networks and Services Resilience (3 ECTS)

Todays' society unavoidably depends on Internet Protocol, the networking protocol suite used in most Internet sites. The large number of security issues and vulnerabilities threaten the confidence users need to have in the networks and services based on this technology, to which they entrust a growing portion of their daily activities' functioning, both in their private and in their professional life. An exhaustive presentation of these services' resilience (threats and vulnerabilities' identification, countermeasures analysis, ...) forms the core programme of this course. An explosing IP service, VoIP, will be the focus of the second part of this lecture because of its widespread use, and the declared intention of Telcos to replace circuit-switched voice, known to be resilient, with packet-switched voice, a less secure but economical solution, both within the enterprise and at home.


Suggested readings:

D. C. McNab: Network Security Assessment: Know Your Network, O'Reilly, 2004

T. Porter and J. Kanclirz Jr.: Practical VoIP Security, Syngress, 2006

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