Logic in Computer Science (6 ECTS)

The goal of the course is to present the fundamental notions of logic that are important in computer science.


Suggested readings:

The course is based mainly on the 3 first chapters of:

M. Huth and M. Ryan: Logic in Computer Science, Cambridge University Press

As additional reading, one can point to the hypertext-book by

V. Detlovs, K. Podnieks: Introduction to Mathematical Logic

Courseware examples and locations where taught:

The course book's webpage, http://www.cs.bham.ac.uk/research/projects/lics/ offers several materials, among them an interactive tutor for each chapter.

A complete set of slides for the whole course, structured in 14 lectures, is available from the web page of the University of Copenhagen's instance of the course (teachers Julia Lawall & Neil Jones), see
  • http://www.diku.dk/

    Other places where instances of this course are given, and from where additional teaching material can be downloaded, are:
    Chalmers University of Technology (teachers Thierry Coquand & Jan Smith)
  • http://www.cs.chalmers.se/Cs/Grundutb/Kurser/logcs
    University College London (teacher Jonathan P. Bowen)
  • http://www.cs.ucl.ac.uk/staff/J.Bowen/GS03/

    Many more places where courses are based on the book by Huth & Ryan are listed at:
  • http://www.cs.bham.ac.uk/research/projects/lics/adoptions.html

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