Middleware Infrastructures for Application Integration (3 ECTS)

The purpose of this course is to offer a broad overview of synchronous and asynchronous middleware technologies that can be used to integrate complex software systems with special emphasis on how to guarantee quality of services in basic middleware operations such as event dissemination and service invocation. The course is organized in two parts: synchronous middleware technologies, including Web Services, J2EE and EJB, and asynchronous middleware technologies including publish subscribe and data distribution service.


Suggested readings:

A. Tanenbaum, M. Van Steen: Distributed Systems (II Edition), Pearson Education, 2007

G. Alonso, F. Casati, H. Kuno, V. Machiraju: Web services: concepts, architectures and applications, Springer Verlag

W. Emmerich: Engineering distributed objects, John Wiley, 2000

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