Resilient Distributed Systems and Algorithms (6 ECTS)

The purpose of this course is to prepare the students to understand and design resilient distributed systems and the algorithms underlying those systems. The course presents fault-tolerant systems and algorithms that tolerate not only accidental faults but also malicious faults, being resilient to a wide range of problems. The emphasis is put on systems that tolerate malicious faults.


Suggested readings:

P. Verissimo, M. Correia, N. F. Neves, P. Sousa: Intrusion-Resilient Middleware Design and Validation, In Annals of Emerging Research in Information Assurance, Security and Privacy Services, H. Raghav Rao and Shambhu Upadhyaya (eds.), Elsevier, to appear. 2008.

P. Verissimo and N. F. Neves and M. Correia: Intrusion-Tolerant Architectures: Concepts and Design, In Architecting Dependable Systems, R. Lemos, C. Gacek, A. Romanovsky (eds.), LNCS 2677, pages 3-36, Springer, 2003.

P. Verissimo and L. Rodrigues: Distributed Systems for System Architects, Kluwer, 2001.

R. Guerraoui and L. Rodrigues: Introduction to Reliable Distributed Programming, Springer, 2006.

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