MSc Curriculum organization

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1st Year

1st semester: Basics and Fundamentals (30 ECTS)
Advanced Probability and Statistics (6 ECTS)
Cryptology and Information Security (6 ECTS)
Logic in Computer Science (6 ECTS)
Advanced Graph Theory (3 ECTS)
Human Factors, Human and Organisational Behaviour (3 ECTS)
Fundamentals of Real-Time Systems (3 ECTS)
Fundamentals of Dependability (3 ECTS)
2nd semester: Methods, Techniques and Tools (30 ECTS)
Computer Networks Security (6 ECTS)
Resilient Distributed Systems and Algorithms (6 ECTS)
Dependability and Security Evaluation of Computer-based Systems (6 ECTS)
Testing, Verification and Validation (6 ECTS)
Usability and User Centred Design for Dependable and Usable Socio-technical Systems (6 ECTS)

2nd Year

3rd semester: Projects (in cooperation with industry on specific application fields) (30 ECTS)
Courses (common to all application tracks)
Management of Projects (3 ECTS)
Middleware Infrastructures for Application Integration (3 ECTS)
Software Reliability Engineering (3 ECTS)

Application track: Resilience in Communication Networks
Courses (specific for this track):
IP Networks and Services Resilience (3 ECTS)
Resilience of Mobile Applications (3 ECTS)

Application track: Safety critical Systems
Courses (specific for this track):
Development Process and Standards for Safety critical Applications (3 ECTS)
Architectural Issues and Examples of Systems (3 ECTS)

Application track: Resilience in e-Business
Courses (specific for this track):
Enterprise Security (3 ECTS)
Computer and Network Forensics (3 ECTS)

Common to all Application tracks:
• Project in cooperation with Industry (9 ECTS)
• Space for additional Courses (6 ECTS)

4th semester: Master's Thesis and Dissertation (30 ECTS)

• Specific Courses and Seminars
(3 ECTS)
• Preparation and Presentation of the Thesis (27 ECTS)